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Z61 Super oil absorbent wipe

For cleaning In the production environment of heavy oil; 

Maintenance of machine tool and large equipment; 

Cleaning all kinds of printing ink if leakage; 

Cleaning use in automobile manufacturing, printing, machinery manufacturing,mechanical maintenance, metal assembly industries.

Product Introduction Feature

Basis weight: 70gsm;

Sizes: 9x9'';12x12'';


9*9’’,150 pc/bag,9 bags/case;

12*12’’,150 pcs/bag,6 bags/case;

9*9’’,150 pcs/box,6 boxes/case;

12*12’’,150 pcs/box,4 boxes/case.

Other dimensions and packaging are available on specific request.

Box or bag packed packaging, easy to use;

100% polypropylene fiber;

Absorb eight times oil of its own weight, good water absorption performance; 

High chemical corrosion resistance; 

Quickly and thoroughly clean the surface of objects; 

Super flexible fiber, durable and never scratch the surface of product; 

Washable and reusable; 

Particularly suitable for surface which can't use chemical cleaners; 

High cost performance.

Cut and packaged at controlled room;

Statistical quality control.

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